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Affiliate Marketing


I am sure you have heard of affiliate marketing.. but do you know what it is? Do you understand how it works and how you can make money with affiliate marketing?
Are you wondering how to get started?

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Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing model. Businesses will pay you a commission for selling their products.

Basically.. you are another of their sales associates. But, instead of working in one of their stores.. you are selling their products online. In return they pay you a commission for each completed sale.

When you are approved as an affiliate for the merchant.. you will be assigned an affiliate ID. Your unique affiliate ID will be attached to each of your links.

All sales are tracked.. thereby allowing the company to see which affiliate made the sale.

When a sale is generated using your affiliate ID you will be paid a commission for that sale. It is as simple as that!

Affiliate marketing has become a very popular strategy used by a lot of brands to increase sales and generate substantial online revenue. Over the years affiliate marketing has proven to be extremely beneficial for both merchants and affiliate marketers alike.

Affiliate marketing spending in the United States increases by 10% each year. In 2020 that number reached $6.8 billion. By 2022 that number is projected to reach $8.2 billion.

To get your piece of the multi-billion dollar pie.. and begin making money with affiliate marketing.. start at the beginning and read everything I have provided for you on this blog.

Get your blog up and running and start applying for some affiliate programs 🙂


You can make money with affiliate marketing from three different types of affiliate programs:

PAY PER SALE: The pay per sale programs are the most popular. These programs pay you a commission for each sale you generate.

PAY PER CLICK: These programs pay you for each person you send to the merchant’s website.. whether they make a purchase or not.

PAY PER LEAD: These programs pay you for each person who fills out a form and submits their contact information to the merchant.

The pay per sale model is the most common. You send your visitor to the merchant’s website and if that person makes a purchase.. you are paid a commission on that sale.

The pay per click model is only profitable if your site has massive amounts of traffic. The payouts are normally quite low. This means you will have to send a lot of traffic to these sites if you expect to earn much money.

The pay per lead model is normally for things like home loans, auto loans, credit repair, etc.

If you send someone to the merchant’s website and that person fills out a form with their name, address and phone number.. you will be paid a fixed amount for each person who has shared their contact information with the merchant.

* In some cases the pay per lead offers will pay you an additional commission if the person actually follows through with obtaining the home loan, auto loan, credit repair, etc.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing


The best way (and the easiest way) to get started and make money with affiliate marketing is to apply to a few of the Affiliate Networks.

The major affiliate networks have thousands of merchants who are already signed up.. and who are actively seeking affiliates to promote their products.

In turn the networks allow merchants access to thousands of affiliates and offer tracking, records, stats, etc., making it a convenient and more comprehensive solution for everyone.

You need to be sure that all of your legal pages are in place and linked from either your top menu or your footer. There are 3 basic legal pages you should have on your site.

These are your Privacy Policy, a Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure Statement.

These 3 legal pages will be required for your acceptance into any affiliate network.

The Affiliate Disclosure Statement is actually required by the FTC. Therefore, you will be required to have this on your site before you can even be considered by any of the affiliate networks and/or the various affiliate programs.

There are additional legal pages to be considered as well. These include a Cookie Policy, an Acceptable Use Policy, and a DMCA Policy.

You can include as many as you feel you need to make sure you are completely protected.

You can hire an attorney to draw up these policies for you.. or you can find a bundle of legal compliance policies here: Compliance Policies.

You should have at least 20 posts on your site before you start applying to the affiliate networks. Some of them are more strict than others and may want to check your site before granting you approval to access the merchants on their network.

A couple of the easiest networks to get started with are FlexOffers and ShareaSale.

Once you have gotten approval from the networks.. you can start browsing through the various merchants who fit your niche. I find this often helps me in brainstorming ideas for new posts as well.

Before you begin applying to the individual merchants.. you should wait until you have built up some traffic to your site.

Some of the merchants will cancel you from their affiliate program if you have not generated a sale within a reasonable length of time.

Case in point.. Amazon. If you sign up for the Amazon associates program.. you will have 180 days to generate 3 sales.

If you do not fulfill this requirement.. you will be canceled from the Amazon associates program.

Success with Affiliate Marketing


You make money by linking to the various products available to you from the affiliate programs you have joined.

When someone purchases one of these products.. you will be paid a commission.

Let’s say you have a food blog featuring a lot of your favorite recipes. One of the recipes is for lasagna.

As it happens a couple of the merchants you have just been approved for are Macy’s and JCPenney at FlexOffers.

When browsing the sites at you found a ceramic roasting pan.. and in checking you found a set of 2 ceramic roasting pans.. and the larger one would be perfect for baking lasagna.

At some point.. perhaps in between the list of ingredients and the instructions where you are guiding your readers as to how to layer the ingredients in a roasting pan.. you could mention the following…

I have this 2 piece set.. and I love these roasting pans.
I also have this roasting pan.. which is another of my favorites.

Link the words roasting pans in the first sentence to the set you found on Link the words roasting pan in the second sentence to the pan you found on

If you can show pictures of each of the roasting pans this is even better.

If someone clicks on these links and makes a purchase.. JCPenney or Macy’s will pay you a commission for the sale. The store made money.. and you made money.. it’s a win-win!

NOTE: For the best results.. don’t ever be too pushy! Treat your visitors like valued friends. You can suggest a product that you like.. or introduce them to a product that you have found useful.

However.. the minute you make them feel as though they are being given a high pressure sales pitch.. they will choose NOT to buy anything!

Remember.. people online are searching for answers to their questions.. and solutions to their problems. As a blogger.. it is up to you to help people find what they want.. and introduce them to new things they didn’t even realize they needed 🙂



The amount of money you will be able to make with affiliate marketing is determined by YOU and YOU alone! How hard are you willing to work to have the lifestyle you have always dreamed of?

There are young mothers who run a blog and may only work on their blog part-time. They are quite content with whatever extra affiliate income they make.

It helps to supplement the family income, while still allowing them the time they need to devote to their family.

There are others who have made blogging their full-time business. These people work on their blogs every day.. as they would any other business.

Full-time bloggers earn anywhere from $10,000 a month to $100,000 a month, and even more in some cases.

How much you would like to earn.. and how much time you are willing to invest in reaching your goals is entirely up to you.

You are certainly NOT going to earn this kind of money in your first year of blogging. It will take time to learn all that you need to learn.

It is also going to take some time for your blog to gain momentum. The more content you have on your blog the more opportunities you will have to attract readers to your site to read the various articles.

With that in mind.. you should make a list of all the things you would like to create posts about. Try to upload at least 2 or 3 new posts per week in the beginning.

Establishing a pattern of posting on a regular basis.. (every few days would be suggested).. will help build a foundation for you to continue building on as time goes by.

Try to come up with few posts relating to your niche that will provide you the opportunity to create spin-offs of the original posts. When doing this.. always be sure each of the posts is linked to the other.

Interlinking the posts to each other will help your SEO. See more on this practice in my post.. Creating Content.

* If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing.. you may want to check out: The Affiliate Marketing Roadmap.

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