Link Building – How to Build Backlinks for SEO

Link Building and SEO


There are numerous ways to promote your blog and build authority for your site. Probably the best way.. the most popular way and most widely known way is by building backlinks for SEO and working to develop a good backlink profile.

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Backlinks serve as a signal to Google that your site just might have something to offer.

When there are numerous other sites who are linking to your site.. this indicates to Google that your site must be a worthwhile source of valuable information.

A good backlink profile is crucial to your website’s success. A toxic backlink profile on the other hand will destroy your site in short order.



The very first and most obvious thing you should do as soon as you have made your website live is to create your social profiles.

The most important ones are of course.. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

These will become your first backlinks for SEO. You want to be sure all of your social media profiles have been indexed before you start any sort of serious backlinking campaign.


The absolute best way to build backlinks for SEO is to create high quality content that others will find link-worthy.

For instance.. if you were to link to another site from one of your articles.. that webmaster may visit your site to read your article and see what you had to say about them.

If they find your article to be well written and informative.. they may choose to link to the article on your site.

When site A links to site B and site B links back to site A.. these type of reciprocal links are normally not given much validity. Nevertheless, it is still a link.. even though the two links somewhat tend to cancel each other out.

However.. there is always the chance that someone else visiting the other blogger’s site will find the link to your site.

Maybe they click over to your site and read your article and they feel it is a well written and informative article as well.

The best case scenario is that this blogger feels his/her readers could also benefit from the information in your article.

This blogger then decides to link to your article.. and voila.. you just got another link. Yay!

It is nice when things work as they should and you are able to acquire links organically. ๐Ÿ™‚




There are right ways and wrong ways to get backlinks to your site. New bloggers often times see ads on Fiverr.. or wherever.. offering 1,000 or more backlinks for $5.00

They think that sounds like a great deal.. so not knowing any better they sign up and purchase one of these offers.

The links from offers like this are from low quality spam sites in China and Russia. Instead of improving their backlink profile.. these naive and inexperienced bloggers have just set themselves up for a major setback.

Their site is banned from the Google index.. and they are left confused.. trying to figure out what happened.

Buying backlinks for your site is a violation of Googleโ€™s Webmaster Guidelines and will result in a Google penalty.

When you are trying to gain backlinks for SEO.. keep in mind these links need to be obtained honestly and ethically.

Any kind of link schemes to try to game the system will not improve your backlink profile. This will only serve to put you on Google’s s**t list. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

The Google bots have become very sophisticated over the years. They know exactly what is going on in the online space.

They are very aware of the illicit blog networks and various other schemes that offer a large number of links to your site for an irresistable price.

If you purchase one of these link packages from some unethical huckster.. your blog that you have been working so hard on will be banned from Google and you will be starting over from square one.

Trying to recover from a Google ban is not ony extremely difficult.. it is also time consuming.

You can hire someone to help you with it.. but you could be looking at somewhere close to $2000 or more.. depending on how many toxic links you have pointing to your site.

And, IF you are able to get all of the toxic links removed.. you will still need to appeal to Google to reinstate your site into their index.

Most people find it is easiest to simply register another domain name.. move their site to the new domain and start over. They consider it a lesson learned and move forward.


One of the most popular ways to get relevant backlinks pointing to your site is through blogger outreach.

This is done by finding other blogs and websites in your niche or in a compatible niche and reach out to contact the blogger with an offer to write an article or guest post for their site.

The other blogger is happy to have the additional content for their site.. and in return you are normally allowed one link back to your site rither from within the article.. or from an author bio at the end your article.

This works best, of course, if the site you are submitting to is in the same niche as your site.

A link from a WWE wrestling site for instance.. would not make much sense if your blog is in the spirituality niche. I think you get the idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

When contacting a blogger to ask whether they might have an interest in accepting a guest post.. do not mention anything about receiving a link.

The best approach is to appear completely unselfish.. giving the impression that providing top quality content for their blog is your primary concern.

You can always discuss the matter of placing a link later. The link will be a no-follow link as the webmaster will not want to jeopardize his ranking in Google by allowing you a follow link.

Some bloggers will be happy to have you write a guest post. Others hire people to write content for them and/or may not be interested in accepting a guest post from another blogger in the same or similar niche.

NOTE: When you do land a guest posting opportunity:
1) Never create a guest post based on a keyword YOU are trying to rank for.
2) Always create links to the guest post from your social media accounts.

Since there are more backlinking techniques than we can possibly explain in detail in one blog post.. I will refer you to the #1 best book on the subject for your further research:

Debbie Gartner has written an excellent book:
Easy Backlinks for SEO
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NOTE: Before I recommend any books and/or courses
I always purchase them myself. I want to be sure the information is accurate, useful and most importantly
that the product is worth the price being charged.
Get Debbie’s Easy Backlinks Book

> For more information on Guest Posting.. Read our post: Guest Posting for SEO


Blog commenting used to be a viable way to gain a link to your website. Unfortunately, people began to abuse it.. leaving pointless comments simply for the sake of a backlink.

As of several years ago blog commenting is no longer relevant as a backlink technique.

However.. if you find a blog in your niche, or in a similar niche, and you have enjoyed one of the articles and want to leave a genuine comment this can be beneficial in other ways.

Engaging with others can lead to relationships with other bloggers, which is a good thing.

Hopefully, the person who owns the blog.. as well as others who are reading the post will like your honest and respectful comment.

If you have entered your name and website information.. these people may visit your site and as a result you begin getting more comments on the posts on your site.

As a blogger.. comments on your blog posts can help improve your rankings. Also.. these types of relationships can also lead to finding some good blogs where you might be able to do some guest posting.


SEO basically consists of two parts.. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Each of the elements is an equally important part of your SEO strategy.

As you are writing the first posts for your blog.. you are, of course, concerned with trying to optimize each post to the best of your ability using On Page SEO optimization techniques.

If you are not familiar with On Page SEO methods.. Debbie Gartner has written an excellent book on that subject as well.

The book is 139 pages of valuable information
as to writing SEO optimized posts
that will rank in the Search Engines.
Easy On Page SEO
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
NOTE: Before I recommend any books and/or courses
I always purchase them myself. I want to be sure the information is accurate, useful and most importantly
that the product is worth the price being charged.

As important as On Page SEO is.. Off Page SEO may actually play an even bigger part in increasing the overall authority of your website.

Prior to starting your backlinking efforts however.. be sure you have plenty of unique and engaging content on your site that is worthy of receiving a backlink.

Go back and re-read the posts you have written so far. Make sure they are the absolute best quality you are capable of producing.

If you are not the greatest when it comes to grammar, spelling and punctuation.. check out Grammarly. This is a free extension available for immediate download.

Visitors to your website will consider whether or not they trust your content based on a perceived level of competence.

Also.. as you begin contacting other bloggers requesting the possibility of a guest posting opportunity.. many will want to visit your blog to get an idea of your writing abilities. Grammarly will help you correct any glaring grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

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