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I have recently created a Facebook Group for bloggers everywhere! We are a small group so far.. but as the community grows we will have more and more bloggers available to help everyone find their way in the exciting world of blogging.

If you would like to join.. go to:

If you have friends who are bloggers.. please invite them to join our Facebook Group as well. The more members we have in our community.. the more people who will be available to share their experiences.. answer questions and provide advice.


If you have not read my About Me page.. allow me to introduce myself:
My name is Sherry. I have been blogging since before there was such a thing. 😊

I started my first website in 1996 while attending college. At that time blogging had not yet become a thing.. in fact WordPress had not even been developed yet. If you wanted to build a website you pretty much had to learn HTML.

I have always been so thankful for that learning experience in the early days of the Internet. It has allowed me to actually know what I am doing if I need to go in to the code and tweak things to my liking.



Shortly after learning HTML.. I also ventured into learning CSS. I loved building sites using CSS as it made everything so much easier. There was no longer the need to go in and make changes to each individual page.. as changes could be made across your entire site by simply modifying the Style Sheet.

Shortly thereafter.. companies began introducing WYSIWYG editors.. which definitely made everything even less complicated. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get.

These are front-end editors.. which allow you to create your site in Design mode.. and all of the HTML, etc. is automatically created for you in the background.

In 1997 Macromedia introduced Dreamweaver. I was loving my CSS.. so I didn’t start using Dreamweaver for a couple of years. Once I switched.. I became a devoted Dreamweaver fan!


In the early days.. affiliate programs were few and far between. Most merchants had not yet become aware of the benefits of affiliate programs.

If you were lucky enough to find a decent number of affiliate programs relating to a particular niche.. that pretty much dictated what the niche of your site would have to be if you wanted to earn any money.

Fortunately.. in 1998 a couple of savvy Internet marketers had the vision to start a company called Commission Junction. I signed up immediately and searched for additional affiliate programs that would complement the content on my sites.



In all my years of creating websites for profit.. I have had many sites in various niches. Some of them I enjoyed building and earned good money with them.. but eventually felt like I was ready to move on to something new.

I have sold a number of my sites over the years. Many times I just felt the need for change or I discovered new opportunities and decided to shift my focus toward other ventures.

I recently created a new website which offers Established Websites.. as well as SEO Domain Names. If you may be looking for an SEO Domain Name to give your site an edge.. please check out our new site: Premium Blogs for Sale

Join Our Facebook Group



I know no one likes to read a list of rules. However.. they are necessary so everyone will know what is expected of them!

NO “How to Start a Blog” Posts:
Members are NOT allowed to promote posts on the starting and/or monetization of a blog. This Facebook Group is owned by The Blog Authority.. and teaching others How to Start a Blog is what we are known for.

NO Sharing of Affiliate Links:
This should go without saying as it is just Common Sense! At no time are you ever allowed to post affiliate links in our Facebook Group. This will be grounds for your immediate removal.
This includes trying to disguise affiliate links using Bitly links, Pretty Links, etc.
Additionally.. it is against the rules to DM your links to other members.

Self-Promotion is Allowed ONLY in Designated Threads:
We offer threads on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for you to promote your blog posts and your social media. We ask that you do not use our group for self promotion, unless it is in one of the designated threads specifically for this purpose. Any other self promotion will be deleted.

NO Bullying, Discrimination, Drama or SPAM!
Always be kind, polite and respectful to the other members. Healthy debates and differences in opinion are normal.. so long as you remain civil to one another. Any hateful, demeaning or derogatory remarks will not be tolerated.
SPAM posts and/or comments will be deleted as well.

DO NOT PM Members Without Their Permission:
We do our best to keep all unsolicited PM’s to a minimum for our members. Please do not PM others without their explicit request or permission.

DO NOT PM Admins or Moderators:
Admins will be present in the group to answer questions and assist whenever possible. Please do not PM them unless it is a group-related emergency. You can tag us in the group if you need our help!

Help Keep the Group Beneficial for All:
Help us keep the group constructive, useful, and favorable. Support your colleagues! If you find posts or comments that violate group rules click on the three dots at the right of the post and report it to the Admins.

Feel free to invite others to our Facebook Group. We appreciate your being a member of our group and have set these rules to keep our group a friendly and helpful resource for all!

To join our Facebook Group follow this link:

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