How to Become a Blogger

Become a Blogger

Have you been thinking you might like to learn how to become a blogger? But.. the main thing that has been stopping you is that you have no idea where to begin when it comes to creating a blog? If yes.. then you have landed on the right site!

The digital world has opened a multitude of opportunities across various platforms for people to communicate and create content about the things they are passionate about

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Women, for example, are now rising to fame as influencers and content creators who share content about a variety of topics like beauty, fashion, travel, health, hobbies, and even child care and parenting.

You may very well have your own list of people you follow online.. whether they are bloggers, vloggers, or social media influencers on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

In this post, we will look into the process of creating and monetizing a blog so you can discover whether your desire to become a blogger could become your next big thing!


In simplest terms, a blog is a website, or in some cases just a part of a website where you can find information about your favorite topics depending on the niche of the particular website.

Consider some of the influential people you follow online. Do they have a website where they share information in the form of written posts and/or videos?  

Could you see yourself creating something along these lines? Is this what has given you the inspiration and incentive to learn more about becoming a blogger?

A lot of blogs are personal blogs and are created for the sole purpose of connecting with family and friends and sharing information, photos, etc. online with these people.

However.. in recent years more and more people have been creating blogs which are focused on a specific niche.

Niche Blogging is very popular since a niche website has the potential to attract anyone and everyone who may have an interest in the niche topic.

Another opportunity that the Internet and social media have given to content creators is the ability to earn money online through blogging.

Nowadays.. blogging is most often done by people who are looking to break away from the boredom and limitations of their 9 to 5 jobs. Many of them are looking to turn their blogs into at least a part-time.. if not a full-time business.

Others may already own a business and would like to widen the reach of their business by creating a blog to spotlight their business and all that it has to offer.

Either way, blogging is a great way to earn money while being involved in something you are passionate about.



There are a lot of ways to get started on your blogging adventure.. but the best and most popular option is to start a WordPress blog.

WordPress is the best blogging platform by far for those looking to become a blogger and make money with their blog.

There are free options as well.. but the free blogging platforms are not suggested for those who wish to make money from blogging.

It is often suggested that after you have several posts on your blog.. you should begin sharing your content on sites such as Tumblr. This can be a good way to begin finding some readers who may be interested in the topic you are writing about.

However, if the entire purpose of your pursuing the opportunity to become a blogger is because you would like to make money from your blog.. then actually creating your blog on one of these platforms is not something you want to do.

There are several other free options as well.. but for the best results in making money from your blogging efforts.. a self-hosted WordPress blog is where you need to begin.

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NOTE: To get started building your blog you will need to follow the steps below.
For your convenience.. we have linked each of the points 1 through 10
to a page on our site where you can find more in-depth content on the subject.

  1. Find a Blog Niche – A niche is basically the topic that your blog will be about. For example, those who are in the food niche are writing blog posts about recipes, food and other things related to food and cooking.

    You can further niche down your main niche. For example, instead of food in general, you can start a blog that is about a particular kid of food.. such as Mexican food, Italian food, Chinese food, etc.
  2. Decide on Your Blog Name – The name of your blog should be related to your niche. You can make it unique and interesting.. but make sure that it will still be easy to remember.. and somewhat descriptive of what the topic of your blog will be.
  3. Register Your Domain Name – Once you have decided on a domain name.. the best and least expensive domain name registrar is
  4. Get Web Hosting Services – Signing up for a hosting plan and having your own “self-hosted blog” is the best option.  This gives you the flexibility to do things your way and not have to abide by someone else’s rules.
  5. Choose Your WordPress Theme – Your blog will represent your “brand” as it were.. so customizing your theme, color palette, font sets, and all other elements in its interface will help you attract the visitors you are hoping to appeal to.
  6. Learn All About SEO – To become a successful blogger you will need to have a good solid understanding of SEO.
  7. Publish Compelling Content – The most important thing on any blog is the content.  Your readers will return to your blog again and again to enjoy all the valuable information that you provide on your blog.
  8. Add Affiliate Links – The first step in beginning to monetize your site is to find some affiliate programs that tie in with your particular niche.
  9. Build Backlinks – Building backlinks to your site is an important part of off-page search engine optimization. Learn how to build backlinks effectively and properly.
  10. Common Beginner Blogging Mistakes – Avoid these common beginner blogging mistakes!


You will hear many people say that with blogging it is very important to find a topic that you are passionate about.  This is absolutely true!  Blogging will require patience, passion, and perseverance in order for you to achieve success.

It is not enough that you launch your blog and publish content. You will have to maintain your blog and update it regularly so it will serve its purpose.

If you expect to have readers who follow your blog and return on a regular basis.. you will need to provide fresh, new content for them to read.

If you get lazy and stop adding new content for an extended period of time.. you may lose any followers you have gained.

There is no huge secret behind the success of blogging. However, it is a given that if you want to become a successful blogger.. you should choose a niche that you are passionate about and that you thoroughly enjoy.

In managing a blog.. you will be continually learning what works and unlearning bad habits and discovering the things that do not work.

Don’t be afraid to try out some new things and some old things as well. Just remember to keep forging ahead even if when you experience the occasional bumps and pot holes in the road along the way. This is normal in any business.


While passion and perseverance are essential in blogging, it will be much more beneficial for a blogger to actually get something out of what they are doing no matter how much they enjoy doing it.

Fortunately.. there are a lot of ways to earn revenue from blogging. The most popular way is through affiliate marketing.

Join affiliate programs having to do with the content on your site. Link to products that pertain to your niche and that you think may be of interest to your particular audience.

A couple of the best affiliate networks for bloggers are ShareaSale and FlexOffers. Both of these networks have a large selection of affiliate programs to apply for. You are sure to find something that aligns with your niche and that your readers will appreciate.

You can also do sponsorships from brands or collaborate with them and other content creators. There are also ad networks that you can sign up with to run ads on your site.

You might want to consider selling products on your website. Printables always sell very well.. as do the ever popular t-shirts and mugs.

You can create your own printables using Canva.. or there are some people who create printables that you can re-sell. Just make a few changes to make them your own.. and voila!

As far as t-shirts and mugs.. you can design those in Canva as well. Then simply sign up for an account with Printify.. upload your designs.. and they will create the products and ship them out to your customers.

Another way is to do third-party advertising by creating an account in Google Ads, Facebook.. or any other online advertising platform.

This kind of advertising can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Hopefully.. some of those visitors will be interested in whatever you may be selling.


There are no particular skills required to become a blogger. If you know how to write and you learn how to do some basic research for your blog posts you can start a blog.

Essentially.. anyone can become a blogger.. but blogging is not for everyone!

When you are working for yourself.. you have to be somewhat of a self-starter. You won’t have a boss who will give you assignments and require you to finish a project within a certain timeline.

It will be entirely up to you to create your own assignments.. set your own work schedule.. set your own goals and your own deadlines for completing projects.

Keep in mind.. thousands of other bloggers just like you have created blogs of their own and are making excellent money with their blogs. There is no good reason why you cannot do the same.


Hopefully we have helped to minimize some of your doubts, anxiety and concerns as to whether you should choose to become a blogger. Make this the year you conquer your fears and get started on Creating the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!

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