Blog Niches – How to Choose a Blog Niche

How to Choose a Blog Niche


Once you have made the decision you would like to start a blog.. the first thing you have to do is learn how to choose a blog niche. So.. it is time to sit down and give some thought to some possible blog niches. What exactly is a niche?

Basically, a niche is the topic of your website. It is the subject your entire blog will be focused around. To ‘niche down’ means focusing on a smaller topic within the larger topic.

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For example.. maybe you are thinking of starting a travel blog because you have done a lot of traveling and have absolutely fallen in love with Europe.

You know the best time to visit.. you know which airports to fly into for the lowest airfare possible.. you know all the best places to stay.. a lot of great places to eat.. where the best beaches are.. etc.

The travel industry is very lucrative! You will not only be of help to people looking for travel advice.. but if you were to choose a blog niche such as Traveling to Europe you figure you should be able to earn a fairly good living with your blog.

And.. in starting a blog about Traveling to Europe.. not only will you be able to help others plan an awesome European vacation.. you would also be able to write off your travel to Europe as a business expense. Sounds like a win-win!

However.. there is one MAJOR problem with this idea.
Head over to Google and type in – Traveling to Europe.

Do you see any small personal bloggers showing up for that search term?  The entire first page is taken up by large corporate websites: Trip Advisor, The Travel Channel, all the major cruise lines, well known travel magazines like Travel and Leisure, etc.

Do you really want to try to compete in that arena?  You wouldn’t be able to win that battle for several years, if ever.



As you can see.. to choose a blog niche such as Traveling to Europe would not be in your best interest.  The topic is just too broad for a small personal blogger to compete.

Does that mean you should give up your dream of starting your travel blog?

All you have to do is niche down a bit.  Maybe you could offer travel advice on a specific area? Why not choose a blog niche about Travel to Italy.. or Travel to France.

Within these niches you could write posts on various places you have visited in these countries. Maybe posts about Naples, Milan and Florence, Italy. Or.. Nice, Cannes and Marseille, France?

If you check those in Google you will find a couple of blogs written by people just like you! And.. I’d be willing to bet they are doing very well with their blogs!

Maybe you know a lot about a couple of smaller.. out of the way places that attract local, regional, national, or global tourists?  Do you suppose devoting a blog to your knowledge of these places could earn you a living?

Not only could that blog niche earn you a living.. with the amount of business you could generate for local small businesses in the area.. you would be a local hero!

Choose a Blog Niche


To find a blog niche that is suitable for you.. profitable, yet not overly competitive, you will need to invest some time in narrowing down your niche and finding the right balance.

You need to find a topic that isn’t too broad.. but you also do not want to choose a niche that is so small it has very few monthly searches in Google and Bing.

A little competition is a good thing. That means there is still money to be made in the niche.

Too much competition.. and particularly competition from huge corporations.. means you would likely not be able to make any money for quite some time.

There are a lot of popular blog niches that other bloggers are doing very well with. If you are still feeling confused.. we have written a 33-page eBook with lots of tips and suggestions to help guide you.

The book also includes a 2 page list of some of the best blog niches.. as well as the niches that topped the list for 2021.

There are a lot of popular blog niches that others are doing very well with. If you are still not quite sure where to begin.. we have written a 33-page eBook to assist in your decision.
The Ultimate Niche Selection Guide.

The book offers tips and suggestions to help guide you.. as well as a 2 page list of some of the best blog niches.. to give you food for thought and ideas to consider.

Niche Selection Guide

Blogging is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. You can make very good money.. but you will have to invest some time and put in some work to get there.

In the beginning it can be difficult to stay motivated. You are writing and writing and not seeing any return for all of your efforts.

This is why it is also important to choose a blog niche relating to something you thoroughly enjoy.

As long as you find pleasure in what you are doing.. you will be able to hang in there and stay motivated as you wait for your blog to rise in popularity and gain authority.

I realize you are also looking forward to seeing some money coming in as soon as possible.

Don’t get discouraged.. just be patient.. it will happen. And.. when it does happen.. you will be amazed at how much motivation you will have once those affiliate commission checks start rolling in!


Don’t forget.. as the saying goes.. “Content is King”! Make sure to add fresh content to your blog on a regular basis. And.. make sure all the content relates to your blog niche.

This is how Google will determine what your site is all about.. and whether or not your site will provide a good user experience for those searching on Google.. based on the terms they are entering into the search.

If the main focus of your blog is makeup and skin care.. and it is all about discovering some less expensive dupes of all the super expensive brands.. you wouldn’t want to start adding in posts about shoes and handbags.

This is going to confuse Google. Although Google is very good at what it does.. you have to keep in mind.. it is only a bot. It’s not like there are human beings with some common sense analyzing your site.

To stay in Google’s good graces.. and to make sure your site shows up well in the SERP’s.. be sure to stay focused. Make sure everything on your site is relating specifically to your chosen niche.

For those who are not familiar with a lot of the online jargon…
SERP’s = Search Engine Results Pages

I know you are thinking.. beauty and fashion seem to go together. Why couldn’t my blog be a little about beauty and a little about fashion.

In the beginning you should be laser focused.. and start out with a clearly defined niche.

Later on.. after your blog has been online for a while and some of your posts are beginning to rank in Google.. you have some traffic coming to your blog.. and have gained a following and quite a few e-mail subscribers.. at that time if you decide you would like to add fashion into the mix.. at this point it should work just fine.


I hear so many people say they want to start a lifestyle blog. I am not sure exactly what they are thinking? Evidently they cannot decide on a particular niche.. so maybe they figure “Lifestyle” will cover it all?

Lifestyle incorporates all sorts of things. Choose one segment of the Lifestyle niche to begin your blog. You cannot be ALL things to ALL people.

If your blog has a huge variety of things going on.. it will be very difficult for Google to determine what sort of information your site has to offer that might be helpful.

Keep in mind.. Google is all about providing the most relevant content for each and every search!

If Google is not able to figure out exactly what the main focus of your site is.. how are they going to determine whether your site might be a good fit for someone who is searching for whatever it is they are searching for?

Normally what happens in these sorts of situations is that Google will determine the niche of your site based on the subject matter of the majority of your posts.

Take the scenario I mentioned previously. Let’s say the main focus of your blog is makeup and skin care. Then you decide to write some posts about fashion.

Google will determine that the main focus of your site is makeup and skin care and those posts will have a better chance of gaining in popularity.

However.. your posts having to do with fashion will likely be pretty much ignored.. and may even have an adverse effect on your rankings in the beginning.

Google has already determined that your site is about makeup and skin care.. so they would be confused as to what the off-topic posts are doing on your site. For that reason.. your site may get lower rankings.

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