Best Website Hosting Services

Best Website Hosting

Anyone who builds a website will need website hosting. The best website hosting providers normally have a large number of Internet servers.

These servers store all of their customers’ website files and make the files accessible for visitors all around the world.

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Many people start their search for website hosting services near their location. I am not sure why anyone would do this as it doesn’t matter where the servers are located.

The important thing is that you locate a website hosting company who has been in business for a number of years.. is very experienced at what they do.. has a good reputation.. and offers excellent customer service.

Yet.. I am always running across people who have been searching web hosting Los Angeles, web hosting San Diego, web hosting Seattle, web hosting Las Vegas.

These people are frustrated because they have not been able to find what they are looking for in their area.

There is absolutely no need to check for a website hosting company that is driving distance from your home.

It’s not like you are ever going to be driving down the street and decide to stop in and have lunch with the people who are providing your website hosting services. 🙂

People who live in all parts of the world quite often choose website hosting services that are located in the US. Why? Because a lot of the top website hosting companies are located in the US.

Most people are simply looking for the BEST website hosting. Where the servers are located is unimportant. All servers are connected to the same Internet.. which means you can login and work on your website from anywhere!



There are a variety of website hosting plans available. However, for those who are starting their first website.. shared hosting is the most popular and the most affordable website hosting solution.

As the name suggests.. with shared hosting there will be a large number of customers who are sharing the use of a server.

Shared hosting is very easy to manage and offers cost-effective hosting plans, making it an excellent choice for bloggers who are just starting out .. as well as for personal websites.

In the beginning your blog will be small and won’t have a lot of traffic.. so a shared hosting plan will do just fine and offer everything you need to get started.

One of the best web hosts offering reliable and inexpensive hosting is A2 Hosting.
Their shared hosting plans start out at $10.99 per month.

The price drops to $6.99 per month on a 1-year plan and only $2.99 per month for the 3-year plan. If you have it in your budget.. their “turbo boost” plan offers blazing fast speed.. up to 20X faster!

Website Hosting from A2Hosting

Another great hosting provider to consider is NameHero. The cost to host 1 website is as low as $2.51 per month.

Website Hosting from Name Hero

Google’s Core Web Vitals update made website speed a priority!
This means that websites that load more slowly will have lower ranking
in the SERP’s than those sites that load more quickly.

Another of my favorite hosts is WPX Hosting. They offer super fast servers.. and their hosting plans start at $20.83 per month for up to 5 websites.

This great if you have more than one site.. or if you may have a blogger friend and want to share the cost of hosting.

Customer service is excellent.. and WPX offers FREE site speed optimization.

This means if your check your website speed and it is not as fast as it needs to be to pass the Google core web vitals test.. they can help determine what the issues may be.

This is a HUGE plus! If you had to pay someone to optimize your website speed you could easily be paying $150 or more.. depending on the size and complexity of your site.


If your website seems to be loading more slowly than it should.. don’t blame your web host. It may very well be your theme.

I had a theme I absolutely loved. It had everything you could ever possibly want in a theme which made it very easy to work with.

The only thing is.. all of those bells, whistles and conveniences come at a price. The price was in the way of speed.

Whenever you have a theme that does everything possible.. there will be a lot of extra code required to make it do all the things it does. Too much extra code will slow down your site.

My website always seemed to load fairly quickly. However.. once the latest Google update was released.. I went to check on my website speed.

Unfortunately, it did NOT pass the core web vitals test. I really hated to give up my awesome theme.. but I had no choice!

I switched to Kadence theme.. which is a free theme.. and I purchased a child theme from Restored 316 Designs.

This theme provider has a lot of beautiful themes available that are all very easy to work with.. making these themes an excellent choice for beginners.

Having a child theme makes it much easier to customize your theme. You will be able to get everything to look exactly the way you want it to look.. without the need to learn how to work with a lot of complex code.

Find a selection of fast, versatile, flexible, and easy to customize WordPress themes
on our page:
Best WordPress Themes



Dedicated hosting is the exact opposite of shared hosting. Rather than sharing resources on a server with other website owners.. you have your own dedicated server that is reserved for you and your website only!

Obviously.. this option is quite a bit more expensive. The only time you might actually need something like this is if your site is getting massive amounts of traffic and perhaps you are looking to install custom software of some sort.


VPS hosting is in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. As your business begins to grow.. increased traffic can place a strain on the limited resources available with your shared hosting plan.

Your virtual server would be reserved for you.. meaning you will no longer have have to share RAM or any data with other users.

This may sound confusing to you right now.. I know it is kind of hard to comprehend all of this stuff when you are just starting out.

Since this site is dedicated to blogging for beginners.. we will spare you the somewhat complicated explanations surrounding virtual private servers and dedicated hosting.

Let’s just worry about getting you up and running for now and let you deal with all the other options and upgrades at some future date when your blog is bursting at the seams with hundreds of posts and soaring traffic!

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