Best Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers

Best Stock Photo Sites


People always ask me which are the best stock photo sites for bloggers to find the perfect images for their blogs. If you have ever wondered where bloggers find all those beautiful images they are using on their blogs.. wonder no more.

There are actually quite a few places for bloggers to source wonderful stock photos to help enhance their content. In this post am going to share some of the most popular stock photo options.. as well as my personal favorites.

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Stock images or stock photography is a supply of photos that are available to be licensed to others for use in their business. When you purchase stock photos you will be granted a license to use the images on your blog or website.

Photos are available in a variety of sizes and themes. There are images which are suitable to use in your blog posts and articles.. there are also images which are suitable for social media.

There are images available in the appropriate size to use for your Pinterest pins.. and others that will be the appropriate size to use for Instagram. There are also templates available in various sizes to be used for eBooks.. online courses and much more.

Stock images are available for nearly every niche. If your niche is extremely unusual.. you should still have no problem finding something that will work for your particular niche.



But.. you are asking.. with so many sites offering free images.. why would I want to pay for my photos? Why don’t I just use the free images?

Using free images can wind up costing you much more than you are saving. When you find a site offering free images.. if you read how the site works.. often times it states that anyone may upload images for others to use.

However.. the problem with this is that many times someone finds an image they like on Google.. or on another website or wherever. These people.. obviously not showing good judgement.. take the image and then proceed to upload it on one of the free image sites for others to use.

You have NO idea where these images have come from. You have no way of knowing whether the person who uploaded the photo is a legitimate photographer who may have submitted his own photo.. or whether it may be some bonehead who doesn’t have a clue about copyrights.. or just doesn’t care since he is not the one using the photo on his site.

The sites offering free images are usually working on a very low budget. They crowdsource their images, and don’t really have the resources to monitor all submissions.

Pretty much anyone can upload anything.. including photos that are not theirs or that don’t meet the legal requirements to be safely licensed under Creative Commons.

For all you know.. the photo may very well be a copyrighted image that a third party has uploaded to the free image site. The last thing you need is to receive a legal complaint from an attorney indicating that you are being sued for using someone’s copyrighted image on your website.

In purchasing stock photos.. the person or company you are purchasing from will grant you a license to use their copyrighted photos on your website. This provides convenience as well as peace of mind.

Knowing that you are protected from any sort of legal action is well worth the price of purchasing stock photos and the accompanying license to use them for your business.

To learn more about protecting yourself and your blog.. read our post:
Legal Pages You Need to Protect Yourself and Your Blog:


If you enjoy photography.. taking your own photos is certainly an option. However.. most bloggers find there are so many aspects to maintaining a blog that they are always very appreciative of anything or anyone that can alleviate a portion of the work load and make their job easier in some way.

In the beginning.. you will likely be doing everything yourself. As you begin making more money with your blog you can hire people to assist with some of the projects.

You can find writers to help with doing keyword research and writing some of the content for your blog. You might consider hiring someone to help keep up with your social media.

You can either hire people on an as-needed basis.. or perhaps you might prefer to hire a full time Virtual Assistant. In either case.. once you reach this point you will have more time. This might give you the free time you need to pursue your love of photography if you have decided this is something you would really like to do.

However.. in the beginning I think you will find that the minimal cost to purchase stock photos will be a huge time saving convenience. Not only will you have a portfolio of several thousand images to choose from.. but stock photos are most often taken by professional photographers.. meaning the visuals are absolute perfection.



Jasmine at SheBoldStock takes some beautiful photos. Check out her selection of stock photos.. and get 20 FREE stock photos just for signing up to her email list.

Kayla at IvoryMix also has a nice library of ready-to-use photos and templates. She has templates for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and more. You can search her site by category or color to find exactly what you need.

Katie at KatieHarpCreative has a lot of feminine styled stock photos for you to style your online business. Use them on your website.. social media and more. Get 50 FREE stock photos just for signing up to her email list.

Another consideration in purchasing from a stock photo provider is that new stock photos are added on a regular basis. You will always have fresh images for you newest projects.

Canva offers some free images as well as paid images.  The good thing is.. the paid images are priced at only $1.

Another of my favorite places for beautiful and unique images is Styled Stock Society.

They tend to be a bit on the expensive side.. so what I suggest in the beginning is that you sign up for the quarterly plan and go back in every few days and download as many photos, templates, etc. as possible for the 90 days you are a member.

That should give you enough images to dress up your blog posts for quite some time πŸ™‚

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I am sure there are other stock photo options available as well.. but taking into consideration aesthetics as well as price.. I have found these to be the best stock photo sites for bloggers.


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