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Sherry Bennett - About Me

Hi, I am Sherry. I have been creating websites and earning money online since 1996. That’s before there was a Google.. before blogging became popular.. and before WordPress.

My passion for building websites is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. 

It has enabled me to Create the Lifestyle of My Dreams. This is why that phrase has become the motto on my blog.


I remember buying a book called Learn HTML in 24 Hours. It was actually broken down into a one-hour lesson every day for 24 days.. with a lot of practicing and trial and error in between each lesson. Definitely not quite as quick and easy as the title made it sound.

At that time Yahoo was the top search engine.. along with a lot of smaller search engines: InfoSeek, WebCrawler, Lycos, LookSmart, AltaVista, HotBot and AllTheWeb.

Back then no one knew much about Search Engine Optimization.. but I found a course for $147 teaching how to get your site to the top of the search engines.

That turned out to be the best money I ever spent! My site jumped to number 1 in ALL of the search engines.. Cha-ching!

I was 17 years old at the time and going to college. My new side hustle was providing me with more than enough money to buy pizza for myself and several of my friends. Yaay!


In 1998 Commission Junction came along. I signed up and checked to see if I could find additional affiliate programs that would complement the content on my site.

Between my SEO knowledge and my new affiliate programs I began receiving fabulous checks from CJ on a regular basis.  I was like.. WOW.. this is great!  I had no idea I would be able make this kind of money with my website.

I promptly created another site.. and another.. and another. I figured if I can earn this kind of money from one site.. just think what I could do with 10 or 12 sites!

Before long I had 10 sites dominating all of the search engines. Ahh yes.. those were the days! My bank account grew to numbers most teen-agers could only dream of.

People began to notice.. and soon I was being contacted by others who wanted me to build a site for them.. and/or teach them how to get their sites to the top of the search engines.

I started designing websites for other people.. as well as taking on students to teach them about Search Engine Optimization.

A couple of us dropped out of college during this time to pursue our online fortunes. Our parents were NOT happy!

nothing lasts forever…

Then Google emerged on the scene. From the very beginning they were focused on finding ways to provide the most relevant results for each and every search. As a result.. everyone began turning their attention toward learning Search Engine Optimization.. (SEO).

Within a few years.. with all the new Google requirements, updates and changes it was becoming an 18-hour a day project trying to maintain multiple websites.. even with having two full-time assistants.

I figured it may be time to sell some of my sites. I sold most of my sites and kept only my top two money making sites.

My parents had been insisting that I go back to school and get my degree so I would have a “legitimate” career. They didn’t consider blogging to be any sort of long-time solution. Even now.. 20+ years later.. no one ever really understands you when you decide to pursue a career as a full-time blogger. 🙄

I did agree to go back to school and got my degree in Interior Design. And.. although this made my parents happy.. I had become totally immersed in my new blogging career. As a result.. I really didn’t do much with my degree at the time.


In the 20 years since Google emerged on the scene.. they have made it increasingly more and more difficult to get onto that most coveted first page.

However.. even though things have changed quite a bit.. by following a tried and true plan you can still get good positioning in the search engines.. and you can still make incredible money with affiliate programs.

I am a prime example of this. My main money blogs are providing me with an extremely comfortable 6-figure income.

Back when I first started poking around with creating websites.. I had no idea how to make money with my website. I found a few affiliate programs and applied.. hoping maybe I would make a few bucks. I never could have imagined how much I would actually be able to earn.

Fast forward to today and I find it even more incredible that I’ve gone from reading a book on HTML.. and purchasing a course on SEO.. to earning more money today than I ever dreamed possible through blogging.

I hope you will take advantage of the information I have provided on this site and let me help you on your journey to start a blog and earn money blogging.

Make this the year you stop procrastinating and finally get that blog up and running.. and take that first step toward Creating the Lifestyle of Your Dreams.

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